Introducing our new collection Skorpios, inspired by the late Aristotle Onassis

A lot has been written about late Mr Onassis's life, but we may not be aware of all that he achieved throughout his life. From the early years in Athens to his final days as an international jet-setting billionaire, Aristotle Onassis lived a life full of accomplishments.

Aristotle's early business endeavors made him one of the most successful businessman of his time and made his mark in the international community as a shipping magnate. From escaping poverty and moving to Argentina when he was only 14, to traveling the world, carrying out business negotiations and founding the biggest shipping lines in the world. He was known in the industry as a shrewd businessman, an efficient and successful entrepreneur. He possessed a great sense of elegance and a love for lavish parties. Described a story-teller, a lover of art and history. He had a passion for living in the limelight and he was always surrounded by the high society of his time - marrying no one other than Jackie Kennedy in his private island, Skorpios.

Aristotle Onassis was a very powerful and influential man that will be remembered for years to come. We wanted to create a tribute to this great visionary man, so we drew inspiration from his lavish life and amazing sense of style, creating our newest collection: Skorpios.

The collection showcases a signature round frame which is a perfect mix of traditional and modern, combining luxe materials and elegance, inspired by Onassis jet-setting style and glamorous life.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to bring vision to life with our new collection. Our limited number of sunglasses are available to buy from tomorrow.