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About us

The name Rewop comes from the anagram of Power, to underline the strength , freshness and dynamicity that characterize our brand.

The energy named from the world “Rewop” represents people with confidence and attitude.

Rewop is the return to the audacity that defines our target: cool people who aren’t afraid to dare, people with strong personality and with an unconditional love for “Made in italy”.

Rewop is an emerging brand that offers a very modern and young product that has the power to highlight our clients personality and style.

This is why our shades has become such an indispensable accessory.

Our main strength is to evidentiate and valorize the eyes without losing UV protection:

The Rewop sunglasses are are adapted to any type of light without impair the sight and the expression.

The frame of Rewop glasses is made by Mazzucchelli, one of international plastic leaders that uses innovative materials which are incredibly light and resistant.